We are not your average grain handling company or grain dealer. We offer much more than that.


Competitive Pricing

Our risk management program allows us to be cash price neutral and in the market for all delivery periods. We can help you lock in profitable values no matter when the delivery period. Linear Grain Inc. offers many contracting options and can customize them to meet your needs.

Exceptional Service

Our biggest difference is flexibility. In our local markets, we are able to give our producers the option of farm pick up, or delivering into one of our facilities, or to one of our end users.

We also buy grain and oilseeds picked up at the farm or loaded into producer cars from all over western Canada and the northern US plains.  We are in the market to buy grain when you want to sell it and we can take delivery when you need to deliver. We believe that our success is based on the success of our producers and our goal is to help you prosper.

Risk Management

As markets become more and more volatile, it is essential to manage margins and ensure profitability for your business. Markets are ever changing and profitable values can come and go quickly. Our expertise in risk management allows us to be a market player and allow you to take advantage of profitable opportunities to buy or sell cash commodities. Our team of risk management experts utilize all derivatives, including over-the-counter and exchange traded to match your business needs.



Our Carman Manitoba location is capable of loading and unloading bulk commodities such as grain, oilseeds, feed ingredients and fertilizers. As a Canadian National Railway served customer, we can load truck to rail, rail to truck or truck to container. Storage is available at our locations if necessary.

Grains & Oilseeds

We originate, store and transport grains and oilseeds such as feed & malt barley, canola, corn, flax, oats, peas, rye, soybeans, sunflowers, milling and feed wheats as well as off-grade grain.




Feed Ingredients

We trade and transport top quality feed ingredients for animal feed manufacurers such as DDGs, soybean meal and canola meal.



Wholesale Fertilizer

Our objective is to bring globally competitive NPKS products to fertilizer dealers in Western Canada. This allows dealers to offer very competitive pricing to their farm customers and at the same time make margin on product sold to sustain a healthy business.

We offer fertilizer dealers in Western Canada the opportunity to purchase their fertilizer requirements from factories and mines around the world.

Linear Grain Inc. brings products to western Canada through Vancouver, Montreal, Duluth, and via the Mississippi River, as well as direct shipment by rail and truck from U.S. suppliers. Our team will ensure the fertilizer products are delivered to your plant when you need them.





Supply chain management

Through our freight strategy, we combine the most efficient and cost effective means of transportation along with shipments from our own inventory to ensure the delivery of commodities on-time, whenever our customer requires it.